Website Redesign - Laboratory Equipment

Project Details

This project was for a manufacturer of safety equipment that carries more than 40 products, each of which comes in various sizes. It was the largest website I had worked on at that point and also the first time I worked directly with a developer. Together, we had to devise a way to manage a large amount of content and incorporate forms for each product. Due to the nature of the products, numerous forms were required in order to verify that the product of interest was capable of handling the chemicals that would be used within it.

We had a very tight deadline so tasks were split up between myself, a developer and another designer. I designed the overall look of the site and dynamic pages, while the other designer helped with stand-alone pages and image optimization. Once the design was approved I did the front end coding while the developer collected copy, worked on SEO and created a database to house the dynamic content.

Working as a team we were able to meet very tight deadlines and create a website using dynamic content pulled from a SQL database. We met the objectives for visual aesthetics, ease of use, dynamic forms and increased interactivity.

  • Client
    AirClean Systems
  • Year
    APR 2016
  • Industry
    Laboratory & Medical Safety Equipment Manufacturing
  • Skills
    HTML5, CSS3, PHP Includes, Bootstrap, Dreamweaver CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC